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When prices are up, they try to log the maximum. We stopped being as transparent as we should have been In 1981, the municipality established a forest advisory committee to advise North Cowichans forestry department staff. The public backlash in North Cowichan reached a crescendo on December 19 at a meeting of the newly elected mayor and council, with estimates of 200 to 400 people trying to get into the council chambers on a Wednesday afternoon. Browse this list of cheap Spring Break trips for affordable ideas. It is clear-cutting, but cutblocks are much smaller than the average.C. Photo: Jacqueline Ronson / The Discourse. North Creek-195th 20 Cash Back at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. According to a municipal forest report, in four of the last five years, with wood prices historically high, net revenues from the forest have been just over 1 million a year.

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The video recording of the event reveals people packed shoulder to shoulder, wrapped all the way around the chamber. Im hoping that we can come up with a compromise that says, were going to do minimal active logging this year, we will keep a bit of a revenue stream going by pulling out the trees that got knocked down in the wind, and give. Mix-ins blend with fresh-churned ice cream to create unique flavor combinations. Please check back later. Residents were stunned to discover that in fact they own these lands. A forest that is 60 or 70 years old that was not replanted in a timber-lot sort of way.


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We came up with a list of things to do on a Sunday based on the kind of mood you're Things to Do on a Sunday Now That Football is to start planning your Spring Break vacation, but don't want to spend too much? Plus, get to know some of the beauty world's trendiest treatments. Ive never seen the chambers that full. It is public land because it is owned by the municipality, but they own it outright. People suddenly realized these mountains that everyone thought were owned by private industry were actually owned by the public, says Icel Dobell, a fifth-generation resident of North Cowichan. Mayor Siebring says he is open to a reassessment of what the municipality has been doing.

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Hikers enjoy a trail on Maple Mountain in North Cowichan. Vietnamese cuisine that features Mongolian beef, butter-garlic chicken, and of course, plenty of pho broth dishes. They started a petition calling for a pause to any further logging in the municipal forest until a public consultation can be done to reassess the values and priorities of the forest. Or at least, the Municipality of North Cowichan owns these lands. And if Im honest, at first I didnt want to hear. While the North Cowichan municipal forest would have all been logged at some point in the past 80 years, according to North Cowichan resident Dobell, these forests are uncommon on this part of the island.

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